Dr. Kiki's Science Hour is an in-depth exploration of scientific topics ranging from climate change to nanotech. Every week neurophysiologist Dr. Kirsten Sanford talks with leading experts in all areas of scientific research. Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.


Title Date published
DKSH 149: Tear Down the Wall - We're talking open access publishing with Peter Binfield and Jason Hoyt from PeerJ 2012-06-28
DKSH 148: Inside eCybermission 2012 - We're talking about science and being inspired by middle school scientists. 2012-06-21
DKSH 147: Staring at the Sun - The science of the sun, and the Solar Dynamics Observatory. 2012-06-07
DKSH 146: A Disintegrating Signal - We're talking about the science of searching for exoplanets with a couple of scientists from the Kepler mission. 2012-05-31
DKSH 145: Chemical Warfare at Home - The science of toxic flame retardants with Dr. Arlene Blum PhD. 2012-05-24
DKSH 144: Science for Better Living - We're talking about science for better living with David B. Agus, M.D. 2012-05-17
DKSH 143: Name It Yourself - We're flying without a map! 2012-05-10
DKSH 142: Lifehacking With Science - We talk about life tips from scientists with Garth Sundem. 2012-05-03
DKSH 141: Old Dog, New Science - We talk about the science of learning with Dr. Gary Marcus 2012-04-26
DKSH 140: Numb Numb Numb - We talk about the science of anesthesia with Dr. Emery Brown 2012-04-19

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