Veronica Belmont & Brian Brushwood can't live without video games. They'd literally die. TWiT's first video game show, Game On, fixes this. They are sustained by playing games and then gleefully bringing you news, reviews, and commentary about console and PC games that you'll get nowhere else. Please watch Game On, it's a matter of life and death. Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.


Title Date published
Game On! 13: Game Over & Would You Like To Continue? 2012-04-08
Game On! 12: Sim City 5 Also Featuring The Glowing Stars 2012-04-01
Game On! 11: Anthony Carboni Also Featuring Real Life Video Game Props 2012-03-25
Game On! 10: Felicia Day Also Featuring Draw Something 2012-03-18
Game On! 9: Notch and Jeb Also Featuring Mass Effect 3 2012-03-11
Game On! 8: Gary Whitta Also Featuring Halo 4 2012-03-04
Game On! 7: Scott Johnson Also Featuring Happy Bone Tickling 2012-02-26
Game On! 6: Tim Schafer Also Featuring the PS Vita Problem 2012-02-19
Game On! 5: Rob Krekel Also Featuring Brian Brushwood: Ace Attorney 2012-02-12
Game On! 4: Ernest Cline Also Featuring Dafnay the Gamer Girl 2012-02-05
Game On! 3: Liam O'Brien Also Featuring Plea for Help 2012-01-29
Game On! 2: Curt Schilling Also Featuring Veronica's Manwich 2012-01-22
Game On! 1: David Jaffe 2012-01-15

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