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Title Date published
Event 18: CES 2024: Gadgets - Innovations in cables, speakers, and more at CES 2024 with Father Robert Ballecer 2024-01-29
Event 17: CES 2024: Tech Trends - Energy and AI Innovations Ignite at CES 2024 with Father Robert Ballecer 2024-01-13
Event 16: Podcast Movement 2023: It Pays to Podcast - How TWiT launched Club TWiT with Memberful 2023-09-14
Event 15: The Father of Modern Genomics - George Church 2023-03-03
Event 14: Daniel Suarez: Critical Mass - Daniel Suarez on his latest book 'Critical Mass' 2023-02-10
Event 13: Cory Doctorow and Rebecca Giblin: Chokepoint Capitalism - How Big Tech and Big Content Captured Creative Labor Markets and How We'll Win Them Back 2022-09-29
Event 12: Tripp Mickle: After Steve - A Conversation with Tripp Mickle 2022-05-19
Event 11: Amy Webb: The Genesis Machine - Looking to the future through the lens of synthetic biology. 2022-02-19
Event 10: Andy Weir's "Project Hail Mary" - A conversation with science-fiction author, Andy Weir 2021-05-21
Event 9: Attack & Defense - Cybersecurity, Ransomware, Social Engineering, AI Attacks 2020-10-08

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