Every week, The Tech Guy himself, Leo Laporte answers one of your toughest tech questions in language anyone can understand. With over 20 years of experience answering viewers' most technical questions and explaining the fast-moving world of technology, Leo has helped thousands of grateful knowledge seekers. Each week on Ask The Tech Guy, he will drill down on one tricky tech dilemma and get to the root of the problem. If you have tech trauma, don't fear, don't fret, don't freak out - just Ask The Tech Guy! Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives or ask the tech guy(s) on our Ask The Tech Guys show.


Title Date published
ATG 66: RIP Adobe Flash - Flash Player Reaches End-of-Life 2020-12-21
ATG 65: Disabling Chrome Notifications - How To Edit Site Permissions 2020-12-14
ATG 64: Moving From iPhone To Android - Tips for Switching and Syncing Your Data 2020-12-07
ATG 63: Insecure Apartment-Provided WiFi - How To Stay Safe a Public Network 2020-11-30
ATG 62: Buying a TV in 2020 - What You Need to Know 2020-11-23
ATG 61: Improve Your Home Network - MoCA & Powerline Network Adapters Explained 2020-11-16
ATG 60: Best Home Intercom Systems - How To Use Google Nest or Amazon Echo as Wireless Intercom 2020-11-09
ATG 59: Can a PDF Have a Virus? - How to Safely View a Malicious PDF 2020-11-02
ATG 58: Gmail Spam Filter - How to Stop Legitimate Email Getting Marked as Junk 2020-10-26
ATG 57: 4G LTE for Home Internet - Is Cellular Data a Good Cable/DSL Alternative? 2020-10-19
ATG 56: Run Windows Apps on Mac - Virtual Machines (VM) on macOS 2020-10-12
ATG 55: How To Find the Best Cell Phone Coverage for Your Area - Network Coverage Maps 2020-10-05
ATG 54: How To Choose a Keyboard - Computer Basics 2020-09-28
ATG 53: How To Manually Subscribe To a Podcast - Podcast Directories Explained 2020-09-21
ATG 52: Replacement Laptop Batteries - Are 3rd Party Batteries Safe to Use? 2020-09-14
ATG 51: Multi-Camera Live Streaming Basics - How to Livestream Your Church Services 2020-08-31
ATG 50: Internet on the Road - What's the Best WiFi for an RV? 2020-08-24
ATG 49: What Does a GPU Do? - Computer Basics 2020-08-17
ATG 48: Video Conference Lighting Tips - How to Look Your Best in a Zoom Meeting 2020-08-10
ATG 47: How to Create a Custom Email Address - Personalized Email Accounts With Your Domain Name 2020-08-03

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