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Title Date published
John Adams Gives Antony and Cleopatra the Operatic Treatment 2022-09-12
Paterson Joseph: Julius Caesar and Me (Rebroadcast) 2022-08-16
Shakespeare, Chaucer, and the Tabard Inn, with Martha Carlin (Rebroadcast) 2022-08-02
The Robben Island Shakespeare, with David Schalkwyk (Rebroadcast) 2022-07-20
Peter Brook (Rebroadcast) 2022-07-05
Andrea Mays on The Millionaire and the Bard (Rebroadcast) 2022-06-21
Joe Papp and Shakespeare in the Park, with Kenneth Turan (Rebroadcast) 2022-06-07
Brett Dean and Matthew Jocelyn on Their Hamlet Opera 2022-05-24
Shakespeare and Ukraine, with Irena Makaryk 2022-05-10
Leonard Barkan on Reading Shakespeare Reading Me 2022-04-26
Pamela Hutchinson on Asta Nielsen's Hamlet 2022-04-12
How the Commedia Dell'Arte's Actresses Changed the Shakespearean Stage, with Pamela Allen Brown 2022-03-29
Matías Piñeiro on His Shakespeare-Adjacent Films 2022-03-15
Molly Yarn on Shakespeare's 'Lady Editors' 2022-03-01
Stephen Marche on How Shakespeare Changed Everything 2022-02-15
Black Women Shakespeareans, 1821 – 1960, with Joyce Green MacDonald 2022-02-01
Cutting Plays for Performance, with Aili Huber 2022-01-18
J.R. Thorp on Learwife 2022-01-04
Lena Cowen Orlin on The Private Life of William Shakespeare 2021-12-21
Sir Antony Sher (Rebroadcast) 2021-12-07

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