Hi! My name is Lindsay and I host Stuff about Things: An Art History Podcast. It is a podcast where I tell you stuff about things. From giant Buddhas to lost paintings, each episode is a deep dive into a particular work of art, artist, or issue within the world of art history. My goal is to make art history accessible, enjoyable, and fun for anyone with a digital device and a desire to learn! My dog, Gus, also plays a key role as the podcast's muse and mascot. Come for the information, stay in spite of my very bad jokes. Please note that episodes may contain mild language, the occasional innuendo, and a healthy dose of sass. Happy listening!


Title Date published
Episode 39: The Moai of Rapa Nui 2024-03-17
Episode 38: Spirit Photography 2023-12-30
Minisode 7: Early Photography 2023-11-26
Minisode 6: The Hope Diamond, the Heart of the Ocean, & the Love of the Sea 2023-10-13
Episode 37: The Hope Diamond 2023-09-01
Episode 36: The Amber Room 2023-07-10
Minisode 5: Amber 2023-07-10
Minisode 4: The Clothilde Missal 2023-04-15
Episode 35: The Book of Kells, Part II - Cover to Cover and Page to Page 2023-03-18
Episode 34 : The Book of Kells, Part I - An Uncertain History 2023-03-11
Minisode 3: Illuminated Manuscripts and Their Making 2023-02-13
Minisode 2: Discovered - An Unknown Self-Portrait of Van Gogh 2022-08-27
Minisode 1: Lost & Found - Van Gogh's Drawing of Starry Night 2022-08-05
Episode 33: Van Gogh & Starry Night 2022-07-28
Episode 32: The Benin Bronzes, Part II 2022-02-09
Episode 31: The Benin Bronzes, Part I 2022-01-20
Episode 30: Raphael's Young Woman with a Unicorn 2021-11-21
Episode 29: Niki de Saint Phalle & the Tarot Garden 2021-06-16
Episode 28: The Ponte Sant'Angelo, Bernini, & the Stuff of Angels 2021-03-09
Episode 27: Oscar Wilde, Ivan Albright, & Pictures of Dorian Gray 2020-12-28

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