The Gilded Gentleman history podcast takes listeners on a cultural and social journey into the mansions, salons, dining rooms, libraries and theatres including the worlds above as well as below stairs of America's Gilded Age, France's Belle Epoque and late Victorian and Edwardian England.


Title Date published
Music of the Gilded Age: Symphonies to Saxophones 2023-09-19
The Real "Buccaneers": The Gilded Age’s Million Dollar Princesses 2023-09-05
Venetian Days: Henry James and Friends on the Grand Canal 2023-08-22
Monaco's First American Princess (ENCORE) 2023-08-15
The French Riviera: Tales of Royals, Rascals and Rothschilds 2023-08-08
In the Good Old Summertime: Where the Gilded Age Played 2023-07-25
The Glamour of Gilded Age Shopping (ENCORE) 2023-07-18
The Golden Age of Gilded Age Cocktails 2023-07-11
Whitman and Wilde Part 2: Oscar Wilde in New York, 1882 2023-06-27
Whitman and Wilde Part 1: Walt Whitman in New York, 1855 2023-06-13
Architect of the Gilded Age: The Triumphant Tale of Richard Morris Hunt 2023-05-30
Before Broadway: Where the Gilded Age Went to the Theater 2023-05-16
Crown & Sceptre: The Coronation Show with Tracy Borman 2023-05-02
The British Crown Jewels: History and Mystery 2023-04-25
Gilded Age French Fashion: The House of Worth and Beyond 2023-04-11
Chasing the Gold: A Gilded Age Tour Up Manhattan 2023-04-04
Fighting Poverty with Her Pen: Gilded Age Journalist Zoe Anderson Norris 2023-03-28
Sweeney Todd's Victorian London and a Chat with Broadway's Sarah Rice 2023-03-14
The Art of Hooking Up: Great Courtesans of 19th Century Paris 2023-03-07
Gilded Age Silver: All That Glittered Wasn't Always Gold 2023-02-28

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