The Gilded Gentleman history podcast takes listeners on a cultural and social journey into the mansions, salons, dining rooms, libraries and theatres including the worlds above as well as below stairs of America's Gilded Age, France's Belle Epoque and late Victorian and Edwardian England.


Title Date published
The Gilded Page: A Conversation With Carol Wallace 2022-01-18
To Catch A Prince: Monaco's First American Princess 2022-01-04
Man About Town: The Story of Murray Hall 2021-12-21
The Real Mrs. Astor: Ruler or Rebel? 2021-12-21
Divas, Diamonds and Drama: The Opening of the Metropolitan Opera 1883 2021-12-07
Gilded Age or Gilded Cage? (with The Bowery Boys) 2021-12-07
Introducing: The Gilded Gentleman 2021-11-10

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