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Title Date published
More with Dawnie Walton, author of The Final Revival of Opal and Nev 2021-05-26
#808 Album Review Roundup (St. Vincent, Tony Allen & More) Plus How to Save the Music Ecosystem 2021-05-21
Remembering two legends of the Chicago music scene 2021-05-19
#807 The Story of Malaco Records, Opinions on Miranda Lambert & girl in red 2021-05-14
Bonus podcast 25: More from Nancy Wilson 2021-05-12
#806 Nancy Wilson of Heart, Opinions on Art d'Ecco & Marianne Faithfull 2021-05-07
Bonus podcast 24: Greg's Desert Island Jukebox pick 2021-05-05
#805 Hip Hop History, Opinions on Dawn Richard & Dry Cleaning, Beach Bunny 2021-04-30
Bonus podcast 23: Jim's DIJ 2021-04-28
#804 The Best Backing Vocals, Opinions on BROCKHAMPTON & Eleventh Dream Day 2021-04-23
Bonus podcast 22: More Merry Clayton 2021-04-21
#803 Sound of Metal's Paul Raci & The Story of Guy Clark 2021-04-16
Bonus podcast 21: Greg's Desert Island Jukebox pick 2021-04-14
#802 Buried Treasures & SXSW 2021 2021-04-09
Bonus podcast 20: Jim's Desert Island Jukebox pick 2021-04-07
Sound Opinions Trailer 2021-04-04
#801 Merry Clayton & "The Final Revival of Opal & Nev" author Dawnie Walton 2021-04-02
Bonus podcast 19: Greg's Desert Island Jukebox pick 2021-03-31
#800: Tune-Yards, serpentwithfeet & La Femme, Memories of 800 Episodes of Sound Ops 2021-03-26
Bonus podcast 18: Jim's Desert Island Jukebox pick 2021-03-24

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