Expand your investing horizons and look to the long term. Join hosts Christine Benz and Jeff Ptak as they talk to influential leaders in investing, advice, and personal finance about a wide-range of topics, such as asset allocation and balancing risk and return.


Title Date published
Charley Ellis: Why Active Investing Is Still a Loser's Game 2020-05-27
Rick Rieder: Nobody Has Ever Seen Anything Like This 2020-05-20
Carl Richards: 'Let's Focus on Being a Little Less Wrong Tomorrow' 2020-05-13
Moshe Milevsky: How to Lower Retirement Risk at a Turbulent Time 2020-05-06
Wade Pfau: The 4% Rule Is No Longer Safe 2020-04-29
Brigitte Madrian: 'Inertia Can Actually Be a Helpful Thing' 2020-04-22
Chris Davis: Banking on Boring, Reliable Franchises 2020-04-15
Dan Fuss: It's Too Early to Relax 2020-04-08
Fran Kinniry: Applying the Vanguard Approach to Private Equity 2020-04-01
A Conversation With the Sequoia Fund’s Managers 2020-03-25
Mohamed El-Erian: 'We Did Not Prepare for Something As Severe As What We’re Facing’ 2020-03-23
Chuck Bath: The Evolution of a Value Investor 2020-03-18
Lawrence Hamtil: The Virtues of Sin (Stocks) 2020-03-11
Nicole Boyson: How to Spot Financial Advisor Conflicts of Interest 2020-03-04
Sallie Krawcheck: 'Companies Should Do Better' 2020-02-26
Annamaria Lusardi: 'Financial Education Works' 2020-02-19
Jeff Levine: Cracking the New Retirement Code 2020-02-12
Ben Carlson: How Not to Get Scammed 2020-02-05
Will Danoff: Succeeding at Scale 2020-01-29
Jon Hale: ESG Is a Paradigm Shift 2020-01-22

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