<p>Comic Book Club is a LIVE weekly talk show about comic books, every Tuesday night at 7pm ET! Hosted by Justin Tyler, Pete LePage, and Alex Zalben, we welcome the best guests from the world of comics and comedy every week!</p>


Title Date published
The Stack: The Other History Of The DC Universe And More 2020-11-25
The Stack: Captain America, Rorschach And More 2020-11-18
Comic Book Club: Kylar Merrell, Isaac Goodhart And Travis Gibb 2020-11-18
The Stack: Punchline, Taskmaster And More 2020-11-11
Comic Book Club: Nick Roche 2020-11-11
The Stack: Crossover, Sweet Tooth And More 2020-11-04
Comic Book Club: Eben Matthews And Kenny Keil 2020-11-03
The Stack: The Last Ronin, X Of Swords And More 2020-10-28
Comic Book Club: Francois Vigneault 2020-10-28
The Stack: The Scumbag, Fantastic Four And More 2020-10-21
Comic Book Club: Cullen Bunn And Dan Panosian 2020-10-21
The Stack: Rorschach, Commanders In Crisis And More 2020-10-14
Comic Book Club: Fabian Nicieza, Adam Lawson and Garrett Gunn 2020-10-14
The Stack: Batman, Locke & Key And More 2020-10-07
Comic Book Club: Sina Grace, Omar Spahi, Ali Keller And Jim Fagan 2020-10-07
The Stack: The Department Of Truth, Shang-Chi And More 2020-09-30
Comic Book Club: Cristina Roswell And Steve Urena 2020-09-30
The Stack: X Of Swords, Speed Metal And More 2020-09-23
Comic Book Club: Fred Van Lente And Matthew Klein 2020-09-23
The Stack: Iron Man, Umbrella Academy And More 2020-09-16

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