<p>Comic Book Club is a LIVE weekly talk show about comic books, every Tuesday night at 7pm ET! Hosted by Justin Tyler, Pete LePage, and Alex Zalben, we welcome the best guests from the world of comics and comedy every week!</p>


Title Date published
The Stack: Original X-Men, Animal Pound, And More 2023-12-20
Comic Book Club: Rich Douek, Alex Cormack, And Jeffrey Brown 2023-12-20
The Stack: Masterpiece, Moon Knight, And More 2023-12-13
Comic Book Club: Austin McKinley, Tas Mukanik, And Joe Nicklo 2023-12-13
The Stack: Batman / Santa Claus: Silent Knight, Thunderbolts And More 2023-12-06
Comic Book Club: Ed Brubaker 2023-12-06
The Stack: Titans: Beast World, The Amazing Spider-Man: Gang War - First Strike, And More 2023-11-29
Comic Book Club: Shawn Kittelsen, Eric Zawadzki, And Chris Supino 2023-11-29
The Stack: Batman: Off World, Daredevil: Black Armor, And More 2023-11-22
Comic Book Club: Sarah Kuhn, Jordan Thomas, And Nicholas Tana 2023-11-22
The Stack: Outsiders, Carnage, And More 2023-11-15
Comic Book Club: Nandor Shaffer, Wells Thompson, And Jason Michael Primrose 2023-11-15
The Stack: Punisher, Batman, And More 2023-11-08
Comic Book Club: Emmett Nahil And Jonathan Baylis 2023-11-08
The Stack: Ultimate Universe, Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, And More 2023-11-01
The Stack: Captain Marvel, Alan Scott: The Green Lantern, And More 2023-10-25
Comic Book Club: Eddie Klinker And Jimmy Kucaj 2023-10-25
The Stack: Justice League Vs. Godzilla Vs. Kong, Sensational She-Hulk, And More 2023-10-18
Comic Book Club: Hope Larson, Chris O'Hara, Elias Shockey, And Atagun Ilhan 2023-10-18
The Stack: The Amazing Spider-Man, Batman: City Of Madness, And More 2023-10-11

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