<p>Comic Book Club is a LIVE weekly talk show about comic books, every Tuesday night at 7pm ET! Hosted by Justin Tyler, Pete LePage, and Alex Zalben, we welcome the best guests from the world of comics and comedy every week!</p>


Title Date published
Comic Book Club: Alex Segura's Secret Identity 2022-03-23
The Stack: Batman/Superman: World's Finest, Carnage And More 2022-03-16
Comic Book Club: Dr. Travis Langley 2022-03-16
The Stack: Punisher, Trial Of The Amazons And More 2022-03-09
Comic Book Club: Brittany Matter, Dailen Ogden And Jarrett J. Krosoczka 2022-03-09
The Batman - Spoiler Review 2022-03-07
The Stack: Strange, Batman: Killing Time And More 2022-03-02
Comic Book Club: Sean Lewis And Jon Westhoff 2022-03-02
The Stack: Ghost Rider, Aquamen And More 2022-02-23
Comic Book Club: Tim Seeley, Cherish Chen And Zackary Marois 2022-02-23
The Stack: Iron Fist, Robins And More 2022-02-16
Comic Book Club: Chris Ryall, David Booher And Nat Towsen 2022-02-16
The Stack: Justice League, Secret X-Men And More 2022-02-09
The Stack: Reckoning War, Monkey Prince And More 2022-02-02
Comic Book Club: LaToya Morgan 2022-02-02
The Stack: Saga, Peacemaker, X Deaths Of Wolverine And More 2022-01-26
Comic Book Club: Rhys Prosser And Chris Dunn 2022-01-26
The Stack: She-Hulk, Batman: The Knight And More 2022-01-19
Comic Book Club: Warwick Johnson-Cadwell And Rich Wojcicki 2022-01-19
The Stack: Justice League, Daredevil And More 2022-01-12

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