If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks, then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.


Title Date published
Horoscopes: Written in the Stars? 2016-12-06
How a Flea Circus Works 2016-12-01
Frostbite: Yeeeow! 2016-11-29
Should Advertising to Kids Be Banned? 2016-11-24
The Kitty Genovese Story 2016-11-22
What's the Deal with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy? 2016-11-17
How Fireplaces Work 2016-11-15
How Monty Python Worked: SYSK Live from LA Podfest 2016-11-10
Do sin taxes work? 2016-11-08
A Partial History of Action Figures 2016-11-03
Ham Radio and the Hams Who Use Them 2016-11-01
SYSK The Podcast: Special Halloween Bonus Episode 2016, The Sequel – From Hell 2016-10-31
The Hinterkaifeck Axe Murders 2016-10-27
How Sleep Paralysis Works, or The Worst Thing That Can Happen While You're Sleeping 2016-10-25
Living Underground in Beijing 2016-10-20
What's the What with Fish Fraud? 2016-10-18
How the Census Works 2016-10-13
Hibernation: Not a Snooze 2016-10-11
Why Did Easter Island's Civilization Collapse? 2016-10-06
The Amazing History of Soda 2016-10-03

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