If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks, then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.


Title Date published
The Apache Wars 2021-11-23
Selects: How Hoarding Works 2021-11-20
Why Is DC Not A State? 2021-11-18
Short Stuff: The Paper Dress Fad 2021-11-17
Hot Dog!(s) 2021-11-16
Selects: How Feng Shui Works 2021-11-13
The Flannan Isles Mystery 2021-11-11
Short Stuff: Your Dirty Bed 2021-11-10
What are blue laws? 2021-11-09
Selects: The Stories Behind A Few Food Fads 2021-11-06
The Rock Ampersand Roll Hall of Fame 2021-11-04
Short Stuff: Friendly Floatees 2021-11-03
How mRNA Vaccines Work 2021-11-02
Selects: What is folklore? 2021-10-30
2021 Halloween Spooktacular! 2021-10-28
Short Stuff: Most Haunted House in England 2021-10-27
Salem Witchcraft Trials: More Bonkers Than You Know 2021-10-26
Selects: Will We Find Evidence of Aliens by Their Engineering Projects? 2021-10-23
Harry Houdini: More than Magic 2021-10-21
Short Stuff: Bloody Mary 2021-10-20

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