Murder, infidelity, suicide, arson, addiction, religious cults, drug trafficking; this podcast explores the alleged true crime antics and criminal connections of musicians we love like Jerry Lee Lewis, the Rolling Stones, XXXTentacion, Cardi B, the Grateful Dead, Tupac, Biggie, Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley and more. Why? Because real rock stars are more like feral, narcissistic animals than functioning members of society and that is precisely what makes them so damn entertaining. If you love true crime and you love music, you will love this award winning podcast. Disgraceland is a scripted, single voice narrative storytelling podcast that melds music, true crime, history and transgressive fiction. Disgraceland is not a journalistic podcast. It is an entertainment podcast inspired by true events. Certain dialogue and scenes are sometimes fictionalized for dramatic purposes as they are in most scripted entertainment mediums based on true events. Sources for each episode are available at


Title Date published
Studio 54: Disco Decadence, a Dead Body and Bags of Cash 2020-05-26
Jake Brennan Interprets Dave Grohl’s Foo Fighters’ Tour Rider in His Commencement Speech to 2020 Graduates. It’s the Commencement Speech WE ALL Need Right Now 2020-05-19
Nipsey Hussle: A Crenshaw Murder, Community Activism, Rollin ‘60s and Lost Potential 2020-05-12
Ozzy Osbourne: The Prince of Darkness, Randy Rhoads’ Plane Crash and the Saving Grace of a Strong Woman 2020-04-29
Entire 27 Club Season 1 on Jimi Hendrix Available to Binge Now in 27 Club Feed 2020-04-16
Run DMC: Innovation, Evolution and the Mysterious Death of Jam Master Jay 2020-04-14
Joe Exotic: Tiger King, Budding Country Star, Confidence Man Extraordinaire 2020-04-07
John Denver: A Folk Singer, a Sniper and America’s Darkest Day 2020-04-01
Little Richard: Sex and the Duality of the King and Queen of Rock ‘N’ Roll 2020-03-31
Covid-19 Disgraceland Programming Check In 2020-03-26
Jake Presents: The Season Finale of Dear Young Rocker: AURAL SKILLS 2020-03-25
Jay Z: Street hustle, a Nightclub Stabbing, a Near Drug Bust and the God MC 2020-03-24
Guns N’ Roses (Part 2): Real life Rocket Queen, Raging Press, Recovered Memories and the Riverport Riot 2020-03-17
Guns N’ Roses (Part 1): Brawling with David Bowie, Juvenile Delinquency, Dealing Dope and Two Dead at Donington. 2020-03-10
Disgraceland Season 5 Trailer 2020-03-04
After Party 9 (Mini Episode) 2020-01-23
The 27 Club Jimi Hendrix Season 1 Trailer 2020-01-21
Jake Presents: Dear Young Rocker (Trailer) 2020-01-08
The Beach Boys (Part 2): An Endless Bummer, More Manson, Hollywood Paranoia, On Stage Fist Fights, Incest, Cocaine and the Pacific Ocean Blue 2019-12-19
The Beach Boys (Part 1): An Endless Summer, LSD, Orgies, Charles Manson and a Steve McQueen Man-Crush 2019-12-17

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