A weekly podcast that brings the biggest stories in the art world down to earth. Go inside the newsroom of the art industry's most-read media outlet, Artnet News, for an in-depth view of what matters most in museums, the market, and much more. 


Title Date published
MoMA Curator Paola Antonelli on Design for the Post-Pandemic World 2021-01-29
Artist Daniel Arsham on How He Built a Creative Empire 2021-01-21
8 Predictions on How the Art World Will Shift in 2021 2021-01-14
Can Art Help End the Era of Mass Incarceration? 2021-01-08
Re-air: The New Yorker's Peter Schjeldahl on His Adventures in Life as an Accidental Art Critic 2021-01-01
The Art Angle Presents: A Star-Studded Art History Game Show (With Kids!) 2020-12-24
Jeffrey Deitch on How to Succeed in the Art Industry 2020-12-18
I Survived Zombie Art Basel Miami Beach 2020-12-10
Why Awol Erizku Is So Much More Than Just Beyoncé’s Baby Photographer 2020-12-04
Re-air: The Rise and Fall of Anne Geddes, Queen of Baby Photography 2020-11-25
Why New York’s Art Scene Will Reign Supreme Post-COVID 2020-11-20
How Does the Art World Feel About Joe Biden’s Victory? 2020-11-13
How Pepe the Frog Explains America's Toxic Politics 2020-11-05
Ed Ruscha and Jimmy Iovine on How Art Can End the Trump Era 2020-10-29
How Frida Kahlo Can Change Your Life (for Better or Worse) 2020-10-23
The Painter and the Poet: A Tragic Love Story 2020-10-16
Could TikTok Save a Broken Art World? 2020-10-09
What New York's Art World Looks Like Post-Lockdown 2020-10-02
How a Powerhouse Hollywood Agency Is Turning Artists Into Stars 2020-09-25
How the World Health Organization Is Using Art to Fight the Pandemic 2020-09-18

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