A weekly podcast that brings the biggest stories in the art world down to earth. Go inside the newsroom of the art industry's most-read media outlet, Artnet News, for an in-depth view of what matters most in museums, the market, and much more. 


Title Date published
Keltie Ferris and Peter Halley on the Mysterious Joys of Making a Painting 2021-09-16
How Facebook and the Helsinki Biennial Share a Vision for the Art World’s Future 2021-09-14
Artists in Residence at the World Trade Center Reflect on 9/11 2021-09-10
Genesis Tramaine on How Faith Inspires Her Art 2021-09-02
The Bitter Battle Over Bob Ross's Empire of Joy 2021-08-26
How Monaco and Accra Are Spinning the Art World in Opposite Directions 2021-08-19
How Britney Spears's Image Inspired Millennial Artists 2021-08-12
How the Medicis Became Art History's First Influencers 2021-08-05
How Two Painters Helped Spark the Modern Conservation Movement 2021-07-29
The Hunter Biden Art Controversy, Explained 2021-07-22
Legendary Auctioneer Simon de Pury on Monaco, Hip Hop, and the Art Market’s New Reality 2021-07-15
18-Year-Old NFT Star Fewocious on How Art Saved His Life (and Crashed Christie's Website) 2021-07-08
Re-Air: How Photographer Dawoud Bey Makes Black America Visible 2021-07-02
Tyler Mitchell and Helen Molesworth on Why Great Art Requires Trust 2021-06-24
How High-Tech Van Gogh Became the Biggest Art Phenomenon Ever 2021-06-17
How Much Money Do Art Dealers Actually Make? 2021-06-10
Shattering the Glass Ceiling (Re-Air): How Collector Catherine Levene Went From an Art Startup to Running One of America’s Top Media Companies 2021-06-07
Shattering the Glass Ceiling (Re-Air): Curator Lauren Haynes on Working to Forge a Fuller Story of American Art 2021-06-03
What Does the Sci-Fi Art Fair of the Future Look Like? 2021-05-27
How Kenny Schachter Became an NFT Evangelist Overnight 2021-05-21

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