A weekly podcast that brings the biggest stories in the art world down to earth. Go inside the newsroom of the art industry's most-read media outlet, Artnet News, for an in-depth view of what matters most in museums, the market, and much more. 


Title Date published
Why Germany's COVID-19 Relief Plan Is the Envy of the Art World 2020-04-09
The Unbelievable True Story of the Mystical Painter Agnes Pelton 2020-04-02
Three Ways Coronavirus Will Transform the Art World 2020-03-26
Why Art and Fashion Need Each Other Now 2020-03-19
What Does an Art Scene Look Like Under the Coronavirus? 2020-03-10
How an Art-Dealing Prodigy Became the Market's Most Wanted Outlaw 2020-03-03
Is the Museum of Ice Cream the Future of Art, or Just a Sugar Rush? 2020-02-25
What Is Saudi Arabia Trying to Do With Contemporary Art? 2020-02-18
How Hollywood Finally Fell for the Art Market 2020-02-11
How Jeffrey Epstein Made the Art World His Hunting Ground 2020-02-04
How the Art World Fell Under the Spell of the Occult 2020-01-28
Nicolas Party on Why Being an Art Star Is Like Being in Love 2020-01-21
What Do the Protests in Hong Kong Mean for Art? 2020-01-14
Four Predictions on How the Art World Will Transform in 2020 2020-01-07
How to Understand the Radical, Viral Artworks That Defined the 2010s 2019-12-31
How an Artist’s $120,000 Banana Ate the World 2019-12-24
New Yorker Art Scribe Calvin Tomkins on What Makes Great Artists Tick 2019-12-17
Is the Art World Causing a Climate Catastrophe? 2019-12-15
Art Basel Rules the Art Market. Is That a Good Thing for Art? 2019-12-03
How Yayoi Kusama Became an Unlikely Pop-Culture Phenomenon 2019-11-26

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