Life is short. Time is long. Right now so many of us are burnt out and overwhelmed: by the pandemic; by the uncertainty of the future; and by huge challenges like climate change, systemic racism, and inequality. The Long Time Academy is an immersive and entertaining new podcast that steps into this space with one clear message: changing the way we choose to engage with time can be life-changing, both when it comes to the problems we’re facing day to day, and to the huge threats we’re facing as a species. Hosted by co-founder of The Long Time Project, Ella Saltmarshe, The Long Time Academy hopes to give listeners a sense of spaciousness, awe and passion to become good ancestors.


Title Date published
BONUS Part Six Practice: Your Long Time Ritual 2021-12-10
Part Six: The Art (and Pop Culture) of Getting Long Time 2021-12-10
BONUS Part Five Practice: Decolonising Your Imagination with Afro-rithms 2021-12-03
Part Five: Decolonising The Future 2021-12-03
BONUS Part Four Practice: The Words Before All Else 2021-11-26
Part Four: Future Tense Politics 2021-11-26
BONUS Part Three Practice: Loving Kindness for Future Generations 2021-11-19
Part Three: Once Upon an Economy 2021-11-19
BONUS Part Two Practice: The Well of Deep Time 2021-11-12
BONUS Part Two Practice: Death Meditation 2021-11-12
Part Two: How To Stretch Time 2021-11-12
BONUS Part One Practice: Human Layers 2021-11-05
Part One: How We Got To NOW 2021-11-05
Welcome to The Academy! 2021-10-22

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