Weekly sermon by Kevin Twit from the RUF campus ministry group meetings at Belmont University. More info on RUF is available at www.belmontruf.org If you are interested in supporting the ministry of RUF please visit www.belmontruf.org/support We are also the group behind the Indelible Grace cds of old hymns set to new music www.igracemusic.com For more information on the ministry of RUF, including how you can support the work with your tax-deductible gifts, visit www.belmont.ruf.org


Title Date published
Who Is The Real Jesus 2014-4 "Jesus The Relentless Lover" 2014-09-19
Who Is The Real Jesus 2014-3 "Jesus Starts An Argument" 2014-09-11
Who Is The Real Jesus 2014-2 Strange First Impressions 2014-09-04
Who Is The Real Jesus 2014-1 "The Quest For The Real Jesus" 2014-08-28
Galatians 2014-11 "The Fruit And The Weeds" 2014-06-26
Galatians 2014-6 "The Scripture Preaches The Gospel" 2014-06-26
Galatians 2014-3 "Paul's Story: A Defense Of The Gospel" 2014-06-26
Galatians 2014-2 "Good News For Life In The Meritocracy" 2014-04-14
Galatians 2014-1 "Not!" 2014-04-14
Galatians 2014-10 "Free To Love And Free To Fight" 2014-04-14
Galatians 2014-9 "Groaning And Being Perplexed" 2014-04-14
Galatians 2014-7 "The Law And The Promise" 2014-04-14
Galatians 2014-4 Living In Line With The Truth 2014-02-05
Life of David 2013-11 The Mystery Of Wrath And Grace 2013-11-20
Life Of David 2013-10 Last Words And Mighty Men 2013-11-14
Life Of David 2013-9 Experiencing Repentance, Psalm 51 2013-11-14
Life Of David 2013-7 Playng God 2013-10-23
Life Of David 2013-6 Feasting Like A Royal Son 2013-10-09
Retuning Hymns Seminar From Worship God Conference 2013 2013-10-07
Life Of David 2013-5 Who Builds Who A House? 2013-10-02

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