Weekly sermon by Kevin Twit from the RUF campus ministry group meetings at Belmont University. More info on RUF is available at www.belmontruf.org If you are interested in supporting the ministry of RUF please visit www.belmontruf.org/support We are also the group behind the Indelible Grace cds of old hymns set to new music www.igracemusic.com For more information on the ministry of RUF, including how you can support the work with your tax-deductible gifts, visit www.belmont.ruf.org


Title Date published
Jesus In OT 2011-6 Numbers 21 Why Snakes? 2011-02-23
Jesus In OT 2011-5 Rachel and Leah 2011-02-16
Jesus In OT 2011-4 Passover 2011-02-09
Jesus In OT 2011-3 Abraham 2011-02-02
Jesus In OT 2011-2 Noah 2011-01-26
Jesus In OT 2011-1 2011-01-19
Romans8-2010 2010-11-20
Sanctification3-2010 2010-11-15
Sanctification2-2010 2010-11-15
Sanctification1-2010 2010-11-15
Romans7-2010 2010-11-10
Romans6b-2010 2010-11-05
Romans5b-2010 2010-10-29
Romans5a-2010 2010-10-13
Romans3-2010 2010-09-29
Romans2a-2010 2010-09-22
Romans1b-2010 2010-09-08
Romans 1a (2010) 2010-09-01
Isaiah (2010) -13 Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken 2010-04-28
Isaiah (2010) - 12 Trusting God In The Dark 2010-04-21

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