Sunday homilies by Fr. Mike Walker from St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Beaverton, Oregon.


Title Date published
The Ascension of Jesus 2020-05-27
The Hope That We Can Explain 2020-05-17
Show Us The Father 2020-05-10
The Samaritan and Faith 2020-03-15
Considering God and Others 2020-02-23
Sunday of the Word of God 2020-01-29
My Beloved 2020-01-19
Epiphany History, Gifts, and the Winding Road 2020-01-05
Family and the Holy Family 2019-12-29
Christmas and the Nativity Scene 2019-12-29
John the Baptist Part II 2019-12-15
Special Podcast - A Teaching on Mary 2019-12-10
John the Baptist for Catholics 2019-12-10
Patton and Testimony 2019-11-17
Jesus Too Good to Be True, Yet Still True 2019-11-12
The Humble Truth 2019-10-27
Leper Faith 2019-10-13
What Dives Tells Us About Lazarus 2019-09-29
The Lesson of the Dishonest Steward 2019-09-22
The Prodigal Lesson 2019-09-15

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