Sunday homilies by Fr. Mike Walker from St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Beaverton, Oregon.


Title Date published
Jesus' Coming and Our Response 2021-11-28
Suffering and Glory 2021-11-14
Love Love Love... 2021-10-31
Confidently to the Throne 2021-10-17
Marriage and Natural Law 2021-10-03
Who is the Real Jesus and Church? 2021-09-12
Opening Ourselves to Christ and His People 2021-09-05
The Assumption and Us 2021-08-15
Bread of Life 2021-08-08
Four Stages of Discipleship 2021-07-18
Where Prophets Are Found 2021-07-12
Eucharist is Truly Jesus? 2021-06-06
Connected in Christ 2021-05-04
Knowing the Shepherd 2021-04-29
Why did Jesus Rise? 2021-04-18
Not So Doubting Thomas 2021-04-14
The Effect of the Resurrection 2021-04-04
The Bronze Serpent and Jesus 2021-03-14
How the Commandments Work 2021-03-12
Turning to the Lord 2021-02-14

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