Sunday homilies by Fr. Mike Walker from St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Beaverton, Oregon.


Title Date published
A Friend in Jesus 2023-03-27
Tragedy, Free Will, Growth, and Faith 2023-03-25
Lent and the Gulags 2023-02-28
What Being Perfect Means 2023-02-20
Magic Sauce, Salt, and Light 2023-02-06
The Importance of the Trinity 2022-06-12
The Ascension of the Lord 2022-05-29
Sixth Sunday in Easter - Council of Jerusalem 2022-05-22
Fifth Sunday in Easter - Love of Things 2022-05-15
Go Fish 2022-05-01
Easter Sunday - Jesus Saves 2022-04-17
Palm Sunday and Crowds 2022-04-10
The Woman Caught in Adultery and Us 2022-04-04
The Prodigal Son and Us 2022-03-28
Moses and Theophany 2022-03-20
Keep on Truckin' 2022-03-17
Cana and the Deeper Context 2022-01-16
Baptism of the Lord and Us 2022-01-10
Epiphany and Contrast 2022-01-03
Christmas Message 2021-12-25

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