Sunday homilies by Fr. Mike Walker from St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Beaverton, Oregon.


Title Date published
Authority, Mission, and Signs in the Ascension 2024-05-12
Vines and Marriage 2024-05-01
Boys, Spiders, and Nuns 2024-04-07
Cross My Heart 2024-03-21
Job and the Answer 2024-02-10
The Magi and the Three Kings 2024-01-07
Advent and the Eucharist II 2023-12-13
The Oil in the Lamp 2023-11-15
Wayne, Fathers, and Humility 2023-11-05
The Two Sons and Obedience 2023-10-01
Blessing in the Vineyard 2023-09-25
Forgiving God, Neighbor, and Self 2023-09-25
Games, Gossip, Giving, and Glory 2023-09-11
Get Behind Me! 2023-09-06
Jesus' plan at Caesarea Philipi 2023-08-28
How We Can Walk On Water 2023-08-13
The Weeds and the Wheat 2023-07-23
To Love God Above All 2023-07-02
Why and How Do We Believe in the Trinity? 2023-06-05
Pentecost and the Spirit 2023-05-29

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