Follow my training journey to the Tokyo Olympics 2020, I'm a 2 hours 14 marathon runner, and I believe if I can improve that time to around 2 hours 12 - 13 minutes, I will become an Olympian.


Title Date published
2 weeks to AAI 10k, 12 weeks to Doha 2019-07-14
Oh we in london baby 2019-07-12
“Don’t worry be happy” - Bob Marley 2019-07-06
Is it heroic or stupid to chase BIG goals 2019-07-03
Humidity vs Scullion vs Mental health 2019-06-29
The grind 2019-06-26
Are you a complete runner? “Do you just run?” 2019-06-19
I’m going to be a different kind of animal 2019-06-15
Don’t leave getting better to chance 2019-06-12
The Olympics is still the goal 2019-06-08
How to draw positives from sessions 2019-06-05
Monday - start the week as you mean to go on 2019-06-04
Altitude begins - back to basics 2019-06-01
Flagstaff awaits - 365 - 24/7 2019-05-30
Good luck for Tokyo - I’m an animal 2019-05-28
Back to flagstaff - fitness to build 2019-05-23
One the run, back to training - unfit, chubby and work to do 2019-05-20
Getting things going again - back to training 2019-05-14
Nutrition is important, rushed / lazy decisions don’t pay off 2019-05-11
Don’t neglect recovery now, it might bite you in the butt 2019-05-09

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