Follow my training journey to the Tokyo Olympics 2020, I'm a 2 hours 14 marathon runner, and I believe if I can improve that time to around 2 hours 12 - 13 minutes, I will become an Olympian.


Title Date published
“I warn you.. I’m not gonna right fair though... 2019-10-15
Very emotional and sad podcast for me 2019-10-12
A good session and some inspiration that I needed 2019-10-12
Be the human you want to be - dublin next? 2019-10-09
Doha World champs - emotional 2019-10-06
Some rise and some fall, take your opportunities 2019-10-03
Less than 10 days to Doha World championships 2019-09-26
Keep er lit - don’t come at the king 2019-09-25
The brain will get lazy & complacent 2019-09-19
Don’t quit, not today! 2019-09-17
24 miles, 60 mins yoga, 30 mins sauna 2019-09-09
I’m not a preacher but live now and happier 2019-09-04
Help your body freshen up, then grind again. 2019-09-03
didn’t like my morning session, so did another session that night 2019-08-29
There’s more to this running game than just “more miles” 2019-08-22
Training hard and smart is key 2019-08-20
Little things are the most important 2019-08-16
All roads lead to Doha 2019-08-09
Back to back Irish senior 10k champ 2019-07-28
Irish champs 10k - round 2 2019-07-23

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