A radio theater podcast for kids that tells the stories of the saints like never before! Geared towards children ages 6-12, this podcast is full of adventure, heroism, virtue and humor. The stories of the saints for your little saints in the making. Come listen with your family and friends!


Title Date published
Encore! Saint Nicholas Part I 2022-12-06
Saint Charles Borromeo 2022-11-14
St. Therese of Lisieux 2022-10-24
Saint Padre Pio Part II 2022-09-19
Saint Padre Pio Part I 2022-09-12
Saint Clare of Assisi 2022-08-08
Q&A With The Creators 2022-07-11
Saint Thomas More 2022-06-13
Our Lady of Fatima 2022-05-13
Saint Catherine of Siena Part II 2022-04-25
Saint Catherine of Siena Part I 2022-04-18
Saint Patrick 2022-03-14
Saint Valentine 2022-02-14
Saint Joan of Arc Part II 2022-01-17
Saint Joan of Arc Part I 2022-01-10
Saint Nicholas Part II 2021-12-13
Saint Nicholas Part I 2021-12-06
Preview Clip of St. Nicholas 2021-12-01

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