Presenting the best detectives from the Golden Age of Radio. Each week, we'll bring you an episode starring one of Old Time Radio's greatest detectives and the story behind the show. Join us for adventures of Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade, Johnny Dollar, and many more.


Title Date published
Episode 550 - First Day of School (The Whistler, Philip Marlowe, I Was a Communist for the FBI, & Dragnet) 2023-09-03
BONUS - Five Favorites: Box 13 2023-09-01
Episode 549 - Under the Sea (The Whistler, Man Called X, & This is Your FBI) 2023-08-27
Episode 548 - Up in the Air (Frank Race, Philip Marlowe, & Silent Men) 2023-08-23
Episode 547 - Fine Arts and Felonies (Sherlock Holmes, Rocky Jordan, Johnny Dollar & Mr. and Mrs. North) 2023-08-21
BONUS - Superman Summer: The Nitrate Shipment 2023-08-11
Episode 546 - In this Corner (Crime Club, Frank Race, The Falcon, & Broadway is My Beat) 2023-08-09
Episode 545 - Now You See Them (Blackstone, Mystery is My Hobby, Philo Vance, & Nick Carter) 2023-08-06
BONUS - Superman Summer: Last of the Clipper Ships 2023-08-04
BONUS - Superman Summer: The Dragon’s Teeth 2023-07-29
Episode 544 - Worth a Thousand Words (Casey, Crime Photographer, Richard Diamond, & Let George Do It) 2023-07-23
BONUS - Superman Summer: Black Pearl of Osiris 2023-07-23
Episode 543 - Dog Days of Summer (Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar) 2023-07-16
BONUS - Superman Summer: The Howling Coyote 2023-07-14
Episode 542 - Urban Cowboys (Gang Busters, Sam Spade, Let George Do It, & Tales of the Texas Rangers) 2023-07-09
BONUS - Superman Summer: Five Million Dollar Gold Heist 2023-07-09
Episode 541 - American History Mysteries (Crime Classics & The Whistler) 2023-07-04
BONUS - Superman Summer: The Invisible Man 2023-07-03
Episode 540 - Goodnight, Gumshoes (Boston Blackie, Sam Spade, & I Was a Communist for the FBI) 2023-06-25
BONUS - Superman Summer: The Yellow Mask and the Five Million Dollar Jewel Robbery 2023-06-23

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