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Title Date published
Instead of Motivational Quotes, Try Out These Un-motivational Ones! 2023-08-09
War of the Roses: Social Media Suspicion 2023-08-09
The Color Of Your Booger Are VERY Important!!! 2023-08-09
Tuna Tyler Loves Tuna- What Food Do You Love? 2023-08-09
Ryan Gosling Has a Hit Song! 2023-08-09
A New Hit Song From TikTok That Wasn't Supposed To Be a Hit! 2023-08-09
When A Criminal Meets The Family Dog During A Break-In! 2023-08-08
Katies Guide To Avoid Toxic Energy! (Pt.1) 2023-08-08
Katies Guide To Avoid Toxic Energy! (Pt.2) 2023-08-08
The Jared and Katie In The Morning Rap Battle Recap! 2023-08-08
Nickelback's Hometown Dishowns Them! 2023-08-08
Katie Finds A Sexytime Magnet Toy In Hotel Bed! 2023-08-08
All Women Go Through an "Ugly Phase" 2023-08-07
Do NOT Sleep In on the Weekend!!! 2023-08-07
The Lizzo Lawsuit 2023-08-07
3 Important Tips On Flirting! 2023-08-07
Post Malone's Fiancé Said NO When He First Proposed! 2023-08-07
Advice From Women Can Help Relationships! 2023-08-07
The Rap Battle Championship: Matt vs Squid! 2023-08-07
As a Woman, Do You Wear Underwear to The Gym??? 2023-08-07

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