Join us each week for a conversation with insightful and entertaining guests. From gear and technique to history, science and art, we discuss the topics most important to the contemporary photographer.


Title Date published
Picturing World Cultures: Rita Leistner - Canada 2024-04-04
Still Photography & the WWE, with Brad Smith & Rich Freeda 2024-03-28
Ecliptic Visions—with Rebecca Boyle, Gabriel Biderman, Atlas Obscura & B&H 2024-03-14
Picturing World Cultures: Daniel Rosca - Romania 2024-03-07
Photography in the Age of AI, with Stephen Shankland 2024-02-29
B&H Podcast: Chat with Inventor of the CMOS Chip, Professor Eric Fossum 2024-02-16
Picturing World Cultures: Joshua Irwandi - Indonesia 2024-02-01
Holding to Truth: Radio Encryption & the Press, with Todd Maisel & Lloyd Mitchell 2024-01-18
Picturing World Cultures: Kiana Hayeri: Iran / Afghanistan 2024-01-04
2023 Photo Gear of the Year with Kevin Rickert 2023-12-28
Adobe's First Evangelist: Russell Preston Brown 2023-12-21
Picturing World Cultures: Wayne Quilliam - Australia/Tasmania 2023-12-07
Lee Miller: Combat Photographer, Fashion Model & Muse, with Antony Penrose 2023-11-30
A History of Hip-Hop Photography: Encore Episode from November 2017 2023-11-23
1950s America as Seen by Robert Frank & Todd Webb, with Lisa Volpe & Bill Shapiro 2023-11-16
Connecting the Creator Community: B&H Bild Ambush Interviews 2023-11-02
Communicating Visually: Expert Tips from Photo Editor Sarah Leen at Bild 2023-10-26
Taking Chances on Stories to Tell: Photojournalist Deanne Fitzmaurice at Bild 2023-10-19
Why Oceans Matter: Underwater Photographer Brian Skerry at Bild 2023-10-12
Fake Memories, Promptography, and Generative AI, with Boris Eldagsen 2023-09-28

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