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Title Date published
Borderlands 3 Review 2020-02-20
New Stadia Games, Doom Eternal release date 2020-02-16
GeForce Now vs Stadia. 2020-02-09
Metro, GYLT, and Trials, plus a response from Google 2020-02-02
Google and Activision partner up, Stadia app updated, Achievement hunters will love this. 2020-01-26
Stadia in the new year! 2020-01-19
Google embraces the sound of silence 2020-01-12
Linux Kernel, Square Streams, 2020 Games 2020-01-05
A quiet Christmas Week 2019-12-29
Achievement unlocked 2019-12-22
Red Dead and Darksiders get Updated, Game Awards 2019-12-15
Darksiders Genesis, The Stadia Store is going to be messy 2019-12-08
Stadia cords aren't cat proof! 2019-12-01
Stadia is HERE! We've played it, and we've got things to say! 2019-11-24
Lloyd is back! What did we think of John's Interview, check your email! 2019-11-17
Interview with John Justice Part 2! 2019-11-15
Strings and Bans 2019-11-10
143 Pixels - Lloyd Hannesson - Skyrim 2019-11-07
Lloyd is AFK, Bill is all alone today 2019-11-03
Is Stadia more like a PC or a Console? Google needs to work on communication. 2019-10-27

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