Many messages from the Sunday meetings of Wellspring Mennonite Church are posted on this podcast. We seek to live together as the people of God in accordance with the scriptures. We follow Jesus as our Lord, teacher, and example, and rejoice in redemption through his death and resurrection. We worship the Father, delighting in his care and seeking to do his will. We seek the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit. The brothers of our small congregation share the responsibility of speaking, so you'll hear many different voices here. Learn more about us at


Title Date published
Finding Your Life Purpose 2020-12-06
Sincerely Speaking 2020-11-29
Fear 2020-11-22
Upon this Rock I Will Build My Church 2020-11-21
The Sovereignty of God 2020-11-08
Prayer Hindrances 2020-11-01
Divorce Dabacle 2020-08-23
The Other Pandemic: Christian Responsibility in a World of Misinformation 2020-05-11
Wine in the Bible 2020-04-11
Briny and Bright 2020-02-10
John 2 2020-02-02
What Children Owe Their Parents 2020-01-19
Peaceful Through Persecution 2020-01-12
What Parents Owe Their Children: Part 3 2019-12-22
What Parents Owe Their Children: Part 2 2019-12-01
What Parents Owe Their Children: Part 1 2019-11-24
1 John Chapter 1 2019-11-17
Gentle Strength and a Big Appetite 2019-11-03
The Gift of the Spirit 2019-10-27
The Christian Home 2019-10-20

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