A comedy podcast for the neurotic talking about daily struggles and the minutiae of everyday life with an occasional emphasis on depression and mental health. The show was originally known as "Mentally Ch(ill)", hosted by Stevie Ryan and Kristen Carney until Stevie tragically passed away in 2017. RIP Stevie. We love you. Support this podcast: <a href="https://anchor.fm/kristenandchill/support" rel="payment">https://anchor.fm/kristenandchill/support</a>


Title Date published
#97 Cancer n' more! 2019-10-10
#96 Seeking Approval and Spending $$$ 2019-09-05
#95 Michael Rispoli, Rejections and Wearing Masks 2019-08-15
#94 Saying YES and The Summer of Forced Fun 2019-07-31
#93 Is it Depression or Adulthood? What’s the Difference? 2019-07-19
#92 Deep Depression with True Crime Garage's 'The Captain' 2019-07-11
#91 Michael Kosta and Practical Therapy 2019-06-26
#90 Mark Normand and Hypervigilance 2019-06-07
#89 Are You Too Cynical? 2019-05-23
#88 Tearjerkers and Sitting and Staring 2019-05-09
#87 Can Only Cry at One Thing 2019-05-02
BONUS EP! Throw Back to Mentally Ch(ill) 2019-05-01
#86 Nighttime Therapy and Getting Nowhere 2019-04-11
#85 The Mundane, Paper-cuts and What's the Point 2019-04-03
#84 Sex, Therapy and Fart Jokes Are(n't) Funny 2019-03-27
#83 Living in a Perfect World and Adult Bullying 2019-03-19
#82 Speaking Up, Nail Biting and Airport Etiquette 2019-03-05
#81 New Year, New Pod: Kristen and Ch(ill) 2019-02-27
#80 SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT and Suicide Prevention with Dennis Gillan 2018-12-31
#79 Therapist Kati Morton Answers Your (and my) Questions 2018-12-22

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