Shut It Down and listen as Jon, the award-winning hospitality legend, best-selling author, and top-rated television personality of Bar Rescue, brings his straight talk and unapologetic approach to daily topics, current events, and celebrity guest interviews. Get ready for genuine opinions, in-your-face analysis, and unforgettable interviews. Your day isn't complete until Jon tells you it is! For advertising opportunities please email We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can: 


Title Date published
Why the Restaurant & Bar Industry Is More Equipped For This Pandemic Than Any Other Industry 2020-05-28
Jon Takes Your Calls to See How The Pandemic Has Affected You 2020-05-21
We Are going To Be The Ones Who Determine Success ft. Jake Steinfeld (Body By Jake) 2020-05-14
What does 6 ft mean where you’re from? Ft. Dan Rowe 2020-05-07
Barstool Sports – From Blog to Successful Enterprise Ft. Erika Nardini 2020-04-30
Chef Tiffany Derry explains how to revolutionize the service industry during a pandemic 2020-04-23
Kristin Chenoweth: Saving Broadway in the Midst of a Crisis. 2020-04-16
Mental Health during the Pandemic with Dr. Phil 2020-04-09
Resetting America ft. Guy Fieri 2020-04-02
What Do We Do After This Pandemic is Over? 2020-03-26
Not Just the Flu! Everything You Need to Know About Coronavirus 2020-03-19
Coronavirus's Effects On Our Economy ft. Keven Undergaro 2020-03-12
The Jon Taffer Podcast - Official Trailer 2020-03-08

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