Deep in the back of your mind, you’ve always had the feeling that there’s something strange about reality. There is. Join Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick as they examine neurological quandaries, cosmic mysteries, evolutionary marvels and our transhuman future.


Title Date published
From the Vault: Life on Venus 2019-06-15
Against ‘Survival of the Fittest’ 2019-06-13
Brain Soup and Liquid Brains 2019-06-11
From the Vault: Finite and Infinite Games 2019-06-08
Q2: Bones of the Plumed Serpent 2019-06-06
The Soap Dragon 2019-06-04
From the Vault: Neurosecurity: Dawn of the Brain Hackers 2019-06-01
The Great Wave 2019-05-30
The Doppelganger Network 2019-05-28
From the Vault: Beyond the Uncanny Valley 2019-05-25
Listener Mail: Sacred Squirrels and More 2019-05-23
Introducing Ephemeral 2019-05-22
Deep Sea Ecology with Diva Amon 2019-05-21
From the Vault: Into the Uncanny Valley 2019-05-18
The Science of Thulsa Doom, Part 2 2019-05-16
The Science of Thulsa Doom 2019-05-14
From the Vault: Carl Zimmer on Heredity's Power 2019-05-11
Send an Owl/Raven/Pigeon! 2019-05-09
Almost Cannibals 2019-05-07
From the Vault: Coral Sex in the Sea 2019-05-04

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