TV TERROR explores television's darker corridors: classic shows like The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery, and the Movie-of-the-Week golden age that gave us telefilms like Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, Salem's Lot, and The Night Stalker. We've got a penchant for those nearly-forgotten treasures of the tube, and this is where we share our discoveries. So, grab your remote and a wooden stake and join us, won't you?


Title Date published
EP108: Robert Culp in OUTRAGE! (1973) 2020-04-21
EP107: Frankenstein The True Story (1973) Anthony DP Mann 2020-04-11
EP106: Where Have All The People Gone? 2020-03-31
EP105: The Planet of the Apes TV Series (1974) 2020-03-23
EP104: Coronavirus Edition: BBC's SURVIVORS (1975) 2020-03-02
EP103: Twilight Zone Talk: Time Enough At Last (1959) 2020-02-16
EP102: Happy New You! FRANKENSTEIN (1973 & 2007) 2020-01-01
EP101: Kevin Shinick: Star Wars & Christmas Talk 2019-12-22
EP100: George C Scott in A CHRISTMAS CAROL (1984) 2019-12-17
EP099: Happy Thanksgiving!...Robert Forster and THE DEATH SQUAD (1974) 2019-11-29
EP098: TV TERROR Halloween Party with The Taters 2019-11-01
EP097: The Paul Lynde Halloween Special (1976) 2019-10-29
EP096: From the Hip: Marianne, Roswell + The Langoliers (1995) 2019-10-01
EP095: Anthony D.P. Mann on RETURN to FRIGHTENSTEIN / What We're Watching 2019-09-05
EP094: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (1973) 2019-08-02
EP093: BOOK CLUB 2: This Time It's Personal 2019-06-18
EP092: Kolchak Episode: THE VAMPIRE (1974) 2019-05-18
EP091: Jack Elam in STRUCK BY LIGHTNING (1979) 2019-04-23
EP090: Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo (1977) 2019-04-07
EP089: Richard Boone stars in THE LAST DINOSAUR (1977) 2019-03-19

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