The history of inventions and their consequences.


Title Date published
The First Apartment Building in America (A Stuyvesant Story) 2018-01-03
The Lost Highway: America's First Cross Country Road 2017-12-21
How Electric Light Changed Christmas Forever 2017-12-07
The Plant Doctor: The Extraordinary George Washington Carver 2017-10-06
The Real Housewives of Early America: The Story of the First American Cookbook 2017-09-21
The Rebel: America's Founding Inventor 2017-08-25
Lightning Strikes: Benjamin Franklin's Philadelphia Experiment 2017-08-11
Franklin Gothic: The Invention of Benjamin Franklin 2017-07-28
The Secret History of Soft Drinks: A Tale In Four Flavors 2017-06-20
The Devil and The First Broadway Musical 2017-06-01
The Bowery Wizards: A History of Early American Tattoos 2017-05-19
The First Song Ever Recorded 2017-05-05
Josephine and the Dish-Washing Machine 2017-04-21
Nikola Tesla and the Wireless World 2017-03-26
The Big Story of Old Bet: The First Circus Elephant 2017-03-13
Unimate and the Rise of the Robots 2017-02-24
The Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Revolution: The Story of the First Bikini 2017-02-10
This Morbid Invention: The First Electric Chair 2017-01-27
The Cow and The Country Boy (The First Vaccine) 2017-01-13
Making the Pledge of Allegiance 2016-12-16

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