Experts and enthusiasts competitively collaborate in the creation of screen-centric "best of" lists. Hosted by draft commissioners Clay Keller and Ryan Marker.


Title Date published
VIDEO NASTIES: PROSECUTED (with Jim Branscome & Alfonso Carrillo) 2020-10-27
ALIEN vs PREDATOR SUPER DRAFT (with Scott Wampler, Angie Han, & Brian Collins) 2020-10-20
HORROR REMAKES (with Billy Ray Brewton and Kyle Anderson) 2020-10-13
LUCIO FULCI (with Elric Kane & Rebekah McKendry) 2020-10-06
FLORIDA CRIME (with Darren Franich & Walter Hollmann) 2020-09-29
SHAKESPEARE: PART I mini-MEGA (with Maureen Lee Lenker, Bryan Cogman, & Graham Skipper) 2020-09-21
WESLEY SNIPES (with Dave Schilling & Jordan Crucchiola) 2020-09-14
ROAD TRIP (with Dave Holmes & Matt Mercer) 2020-09-09
70s HORROR MEGA DRAFT: PART II (with Clarke Wolfe, Chelsea Stardust, Graham Skipper, & Billy Ray Brewton) 2020-09-02
70s HORROR MEGA DRAFT: PART I (with Clarke Wolfe, Chelsea Stardust, Graham Skipper, & Billy Ray Brewton) 2020-08-30
JURASSIC PARK / WORLD mini-SUPER DRAFT (with Clay & Ryan, unleashed from the Patreon!) 2020-08-25
WESTERNS: PART II mini-MEGA (with Billy Ray Brewton, Darren Franich, Ryan, & Bryan Cogman) 2020-08-18
WINONA RYDER (with Phillip Iscove & Dana Schwartz) 2020-08-11
COMIC BOOK (NON-SUPERHERO) with Christian Holub & Devan Coggan 2020-08-04
CON ARTIST (with Ify Nwadiwe & Demi Adejuyigbe) 2020-07-29
SKETCH COMEDY ANTHOLOGIES (with Henry Zebrowski & Graham Skipper) 2020-07-21
ANIMALS ATTACK! (with William Bibbiani & Witney Seibold) 2020-07-14
HEAVY METAL (with Rebekah McKendry & Dave Parker) 2020-07-07
JULY 4th WEEKEND (with Alison Willmore & Adam B. Vary) 2020-07-01
COEN BROS. SUPER DRAFT (with Bryan Cogman) 2020-06-22

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