Join Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin McElroy for a tour of all the dumb, bad, gross, weird and wrong ways we've tried to fix people.


Title Date published
Sawbones: Fever 2019-08-18
Sawbones: Eli Lilly's Secret Pot Farm 2019-08-04
Sawbones: Yes, More Medical Questions Answered! 2019-07-26
Sawbones: The Chattanooga Medicine Company 2019-07-19
Sawbones: Medical Reversals 2019-07-12
Sawbones: Wine 2019-06-30
Sawbones: Medicine in Japanese American Concentration Camps 2019-06-21
Sawbones: Trichinosis 2019-06-13
Sawbones: Adenoviruses 2019-06-07
Sawbones: Paternity Testing 2019-05-31
Sawbones: The World of Warcraft Plague 2019-05-26
Sawbones: The First Pharmacist 2019-05-18
Sawbones: Bleach 2019-05-04
Sawbones: Why Doctors Don't Fix Teeth 2019-04-26
Sawbones: Warfarin 2019-04-19
Sawbones: Cavities 2019-04-12
Sawbones: Pinworms 2019-04-07
Sawbones: Modern Day Snake Oil Salespeople 2019-03-29
Sawbones: Broken Heart Syndrome 2019-03-22
Sawbones: Medical Legends of Alabama 2019-03-15

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