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Title Date published
13 June 2019: Mighty magnets, and aerosols in the atmosphere 2019-06-12
06 June 2019: Microbes modifying medicine and kickstarting plate tectonics 2019-06-05
REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast May 1983 2019-05-31
30 May 2019: Cold fusion, gender parity in universities, and studying wildfires 2019-05-30
23 May 2019: Pre-industrial plankton populations, European science, and ancient fungi. 2019-05-22
16 May 2019: Recoding genomes, and material from the Moon's far side 2019-05-15
09 May 2019: Urban vs Rural BMI, and the health of rivers 2019-05-08
02 May 2019: China's growing science network, and talking brain signals 2019-05-01
REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast April 1953 2019-04-26
25 April 2019: Tiny earthquakes, the genetics of height, and how US-China politics is affecting research 2019-04-25
18 April 2019: Reviving brains, lightning, and spring books 2019-04-17
Podcast Extra: The first image of a black hole 2019-04-11
11 April 2019: Heart failure and vacuum field fluctuations. 2019-04-10
04 April 2019: MDMA and the malleable mind, and keeping skin young 2019-04-03
Backchat March 2019: Calls for a research moratorium, and the evolution of science reporting 2019-03-29
28 March 2019: Human impacts on Mount Kilimanjaro, sex differences in pain, and a crystal-based cooling method 2019-03-27
21 March 2019: Antibiotics in orchards, and rethinking statistical significance 2019-03-20
REBROADCAST: Nature Pastcast March 1918 2019-03-15
14 March 2019: Ebola in DRC, a new HIV treatment, and the proposed US budget.  2019-03-14
07 March 2019: Coastal carbon-sinks, mobile health, and Mileva Marić 2019-03-06

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