With over 25 years of experience within the EDA industry, John McMillan brings a depth of knowledge as he considers EDA and PCB industry trends, topics, challenges, and some specific how-to tips. Listen in as he explores a variety of topics and interviews special guests.


Title Date published
PCBTT010: DFM Analysis (2016) 2016-04-04
PCBTT009: Bridging the Gap between ECAD and MCAD (2016) 2016-02-18
PCBTT008: EDA Industry Update + Giveaway (2016) 2016-01-19
PCBTT007: PCB Industry Design Trends and Challenges (2015) 2015-12-23
PCBTT006: Key Advantages of 3D PCB Layout (2015) 2015-11-23
PCBTT005: Addressing Your Comments and Questions on the Aging PCB Design Workforce (2015) 2015-11-02
PCBTT004: PCB Design Trends and How to Enter the Technology Leadership Awards (2015) 2015-09-23
PCBTT003: Are PCB designers becoming an endangered species? (2015) 2015-08-27
PCBTT002: The Foundation for Every PCB (2015) 2015-08-17
PCBTT001: Sketch Routing (2015) 2015-06-08

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