Breaking Walls: The Podcast on the History of American Dramatic Radio.


Title Date published
BW - EP86: Home For the Holidays—December 1945 On the Air 2018-11-30
Ventriloquist Dummy Charlie McCarthy Flirts With Susan Hayward on His Radio Program—12/16/1945 2018-11-30
Actress Jan Miner Tells a Funny Radio Drama SFX Flub Story 2018-11-28
The Open of NBC/RCA's First Television Broadcast—07/07/1936 2018-11-27
Jackson Beck's Thoughts on the Radio industry of the 1970s 2018-11-25
ABC's Mr. District Attorney 30-Second Promo Spot, 1951 2018-11-24
Bob Hope's Opening Monologue—12/04/1945 2018-11-23
Mercedes McCambridge On Radio's Imaginative Power 2018-11-22
Director Jack Johnstone Tells a Funny Story about a Superman Radio SFX Flub 2018-11-21
Writer Carroll Carroll Tells a Funny Story About Bing Crosby Forgetting His NBC Pass During WW2 2018-11-20
WOR's Anti-Isolationist Christmas Message on MBS' Year in Review—12/25/1945 2018-11-18
Fiorello La Guardia Rails On Gangsters and Corruption on His Talk To the People Radio Show—1/28/1945 2018-11-16
Writer E Jack Neuman On Johnny Dollar And The Death Of Dramatic Radio 2018-11-15
Voice Actor Mel Blanc on Getting Hired by Jack Benny and His Many Voices 2018-11-14
Jim Jordan on the Origin of Fibber McGee and Molly 2018-11-12
Announcement: Burning Gotham—A New Audio Drama Set in 1830s New York City 2018-11-10
Radio Actor Staats Cotsworth On The Power Behind A Compelling Voice 2018-11-09
Jack Benny's 1946 New Year's Message—12/30/1945 2018-11-09
Actor Mandel Kramer On CBS and NBC Networking and Camaraderie During the Golden Age of Radio 2018-11-07
The Announcement of the "I Can't Stand Jack Benny" Contest—11/25/1945 2018-11-06

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