Breaking Walls: The Podcast on the History of American Network Radio.


Title Date published
BW - EP96: Halloween on the Air (1943 - 1953) 2019-09-29
Frank Sinatra on the Spike Jones Spotlight Revue—10/1/1948 2019-09-28
Lucile Ball On Being Fired By Ziegfeld And Her Half-Hearted Suicide Attempt 2019-09-26
When American Novels Dramatized The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow 2019-09-25
Jack Benny On Incorporating a Comedy Commercial into His Radio Show 2019-09-24
Rick Nelson On People Still Thinking of Him as a Kid 2019-09-22
Ken Carpenter On Bing Crosby Quitting NBC and Kraft in 1945 2019-09-21
Ozzie Nelson Tells a Funny Story About Being Handed a Lit Joint at a Rutgers Parade 2019-09-20
Dr. Frank Conrad on KDKA's Beginnings in 1920 2019-09-19
David Nelson On Starting on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet—Ricky Being Funny 2019-09-17
Introducing: This Day In Jack Benny 2019-09-16
Hal Peary On Starting Gildersleeve on Fibber McGee and Molly 2019-09-14
The Story Behind ABC's 1964 Afternoon Radio Drama Called Theater Five 2019-09-12
Don Quinn, The Colmans, And The Story Behind The Halls Of Ivy 2019-09-11
Johnny Carson and Orson Welles Talk Radio Ribs and Jokes 2019-09-10
Mike Wallace On His Radio Beginnings 2019-09-09
Art Linkletter On His Game Show Beginnings 2019-09-07
The Story Behind The Birth Of Our Miss Brooks 2019-09-06
When Johnny Dollar Took on An Entire Town to Solve a School Arson 2019-09-05
Howard Duff On The Sam Spade Actors and Rehearsal Atmosphere 2019-09-04

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