Breaking Walls: The Podcast on the History of American Dramatic Radio.


Title Date published
Radio Stories From Christmas Week 1945 2018-12-21
Musical Director Rex Koury on Writing Gunsmoke's Famous Theme 2018-12-21
Duffy'sTavern—12/21/1945—The Gang Performs A Christmas Carol 2018-12-20
Jack Webb New Year's Day Dragnet/Chesterfield 60-Second Promo Spot—1/1/1956 2018-12-19
Vincent Price On The Lux Radio Theatre and Working With Bette Davis 2018-12-18
Gunsmoke Director Norman Macdonnell On How Executive Committees Hurt Radio in the 1950s 2018-12-17
Red Skelton on How Ed Wynn Got Him Started in Comedy 2018-12-15
Elliott Lewis on Working With Jack Benny 2018-12-14
William Conrad on the Importance of Charisma & Gunsmoke 2018-12-13
When Bing Crosby's NBC Strike Opened The Ratings Door for CBS and Suspense—12/1945 2018-12-12
Announcer Don Wilson on Jack Benny's Comedic Philosophy & Christmas Shows in Palm Springs 2018-12-11
Radio Director William N. Robson Explains Why Gunsmoke And Other Adult Westerns Came Late To Radio 2018-12-10
Stories From Radio's Christmas Day Programming—12/25/1945 2018-12-08
Radio Legend Elliott Lewis Explains Why He Called Ad Execs The League of Frightened Men 2018-12-07
Radio Announcer Tony Marvin on Life as a CBS Staff Announcer in the 1940s 2018-12-06
Radio Actor John Gibson on When He Knew TV was Going To Kill Radio Drama 2018-12-05
Stories From NBC's Tuesday Night Comedy Lineup—December 1945 2018-12-04
Eve Arden On How Our Miss Brooks Was Created 2018-12-03
Network Radio's Soap Opera Programming in December of 1945 2018-12-03
Radio's Involvement in the US Victory Bond Drive—December 1945 2018-12-02

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