Breaking Walls: The Podcast on the History of American Dramatic Radio.


Title Date published
Fletcher Markle On How Orson Welles Helped Him Conquer His Speech Impediment 2019-01-23
Fred Allen On Ad Execs; Jack and Mary Benny 2019-01-22
Dennis Day Talks About the Various Singers on Jack Benny's Program 2019-01-18
Lucille Ball on Getting Homesick at the Beginning of Her Career 2019-01-16
Jack Benny on Why He Preferred Television Over Radio 2019-01-13
The Story Behind Our Miss Brooks 2019-01-13
Radio Director Himan Brown on Bringing Dick Tracy to Radio 2019-01-12
Radio Director Jack Johnstone Explains His In-Studio Directing Methods 2019-01-09
Jack Benny On The Importance of Organic Character Development 2019-01-07
Dennis Day on How His Character Was Written to Annoy Jack Benny 2019-01-05
Radio Actress Shirley Mitchell On How She Got Started in Hollywood 2019-01-04
Press Agent Steve Bradley's First Appearance on The Jack Benny Program—09/30/1945 2019-01-04
BW - EP87: New Year's Day On the Air (1946 - 1956) 2018-12-31
The Story Behind Frank Sinatra's Rocky Fortune and To Be Perfectly Frank 2018-12-28
Radio Programming From The Week Between Christmas and The New Year—1945 2018-12-26
Elliott Lewis on How He Got Into Radio Directing 2018-12-25
The Great Gildersleeve—12/23/1945—The Family and Leila Open Their Christmas Gifts 2018-12-24
Radio Announcer Tony Marvin on the Importance of Announcer Flexibility 2018-12-23
Radio Stories From Christmas Week 1945 2018-12-21
Musical Director Rex Koury on Writing Gunsmoke's Famous Theme 2018-12-21

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