Breaking Walls: The Podcast on the History of American Dramatic Radio.


Title Date published
John Scott Trotter On Early Philco Transcription Problems 2019-07-08
Herb Ellis Talks about Friend Jack Webb's Insecurities 2019-07-07
Subway Soap Opera Stories From New York 2019-07-05
Columbia Presents Corwin: Independence Day Dinner With The Family—7/4/1944 2019-07-04
Actress Virginia Gregg Tells a Funny Pregnancy Wardrobe Malfunction Story 2019-07-03
Bob and Ray: Wally Ballou Reports From The New Quiet Subway—1963 2019-07-01
BW - EP93: Radio And The New York City Subway (1941 - 1975) 2019-06-29
Lawrence Dobkin On Playing Louie The Cabbie On The Saint 2019-06-29
Orson Welles Tells a Funny Story About Running Out of Good Luck His First Night in Hollywood 2019-06-26
Severe Marital Problems At Coney Island on The Crime Club—7/10/1947 2019-06-24
Shirley Mitchell and Jack Kruschen On The Unsung Backup Actors Who Hung out in the Hall 2019-06-23
Elliott Lewis, Cathy Lewis, and William Conrad in Bill Spier's The Clock—3/4/1948 2019-06-20
Irma And Jane Visit Coney Island on My Friend Irma 2019-06-18
George Walsh on Jack Kruschen & The Announcer Holding A Show Together 2019-06-17
Shirley Mitchell and Jack Kruschen On Why Film Actors Struggled With The Pace of Radio Acting 2019-06-16
Frank Sinatra On Some of His Career High Points 2019-06-14
William Spier On Why Actors Wanted to Guest Star on Suspense 2019-06-12
Himan Brown On How the Red Scare Hurt the Radio Industry 2019-06-10
When Vincent Price Was A Coney Island Fortune Teller on Suspense 2019-06-09
When Broadway Is My Beat Went To Coney Island 2019-06-06

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