Breaking Walls: The Podcast on the History of American Network Radio.


Title Date published
The Story Behind The Unreleased I Love Lucy Radio Pilot 2020-02-14
John Dehner on How He Became an Actor in the 1940s 2020-02-14
Thomas Edison Thanks America For Their Birthday Well Wishes—02/11/1929 2020-02-13
Harry Bartell On Escape and Bill Robson 2020-02-12
The Story Behind The Birth Of I Love Lucy 2020-02-11
Raymond Burr and The Story Behind Fort Laramie 2020-02-10
Vic Perrin Tells A Funny Story About a Writer Still Scriptwriting While On Air 2020-02-08
When Lucille Ball Guest-Starred On Suspense In 1944 2020-02-08
Vincent Price On The Power of Radio Drama 2020-02-06
The Story Behind The Launch Of My Favorite Husband 2020-02-04
Gale Gordon On Doing My Favorite Husband with Lucille Ball 2020-02-02
Jess Oppenheimer On Being Lucky To Work With Lucille Ball and Fanny Brice 2020-02-01
BW - EP100: The Radio Career of Lucille Ball (1938 - 1952) 2020-01-29
Lucille Ball On Being a Living Legend 2020-01-29
Parley Baer Tells a Funny Howard McNear Story 2020-01-28
Lucille Ball Convinces Jimmy Durante Women Should Be Running Industry—04/28/1948 2020-01-27
Vincent Price On Being Allowed To Work In Radio and a Funny Lurene Tuttle Story 2020-01-26
William Conrad On The Historical Accuracy of Gunsmoke 2020-01-25
Desi Arnaz Jokes About His Family Lineage With Johnny Carson 2020-01-24
Frank Sinatra On Why He Enjoys Acting 2020-01-23

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