Breaking Walls: The Podcast on the History of American Network Radio Broadcasting.


Title Date published
Lucille Ball Convinces Jimmy Durante Women Should Be Running Industry—04/28/1948 2020-01-27
Vincent Price On Being Allowed To Work In Radio and a Funny Lurene Tuttle Story 2020-01-26
William Conrad On The Historical Accuracy of Gunsmoke 2020-01-25
Desi Arnaz Jokes About His Family Lineage With Johnny Carson 2020-01-24
Frank Sinatra On Why He Enjoys Acting 2020-01-23
Herb Vigran On Why I Love Lucy Will Be Rerun Forever 2020-01-21
When The Big Story Beat Bing Crosby In The Ratings 2020-01-19
Gale Gordon On Rehearsing and Ad-Libbing With Lucille Ball 2020-01-17
Old Gold Comedy Theater: A Girl, A Guy and A Gob with Lucille Ball—02/11/1945 2020-01-13
Red Skelton On How Ed Wynn Helped Him As A Child 2020-01-12
Radio Stories With Dennis Day, Agnes Moorhead, And Lionel Barrymore From January Of 1948 2020-01-10
Bob Hope On Desi Arnaz Working For Him 2020-01-09
Lucille Ball On How She Got From New York to Hollywood 2020-01-07
Himan Brown On How Many Broadcasts He Was a Part Of 2020-01-06
Madelyn Pugh and Bob Carroll On Being KNX Staff Writers Before Working With Lucille Ball 2020-01-05
When Jack Benny And George Burns Became Musical Gypsies In January 1948 2020-01-04
Elliott Lewis On The Poor Marketing of Radio Drama in the 1970s 2020-01-02
Al Jolson And Casey Crime Photographer Ring In 1948 2020-01-01
NBC News of The World: 01/03/1948 2019-12-31
Orson Welles On The Attempt To Stop Citizen Kane From Premiering 2019-12-30

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