Breaking Walls: The Podcast on the History of American Network Radio Broadcasting.


Title Date published
New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia reads Dick Tracy on Radio—7.1945 2020-03-25
Vincent Price On Why He Loves Radio Drama 2020-03-23
Jack Johnstone On Bob Bailey 2020-03-22
BW - EP102: The Return of Johnny Dollar (1955) 2020-03-20
Fort Laramie: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar Promo—05/06/1956 2020-03-20
Phil Leslie On How Long He Wrote For Fibber McGee and Molly 2020-03-19
NBC's Monitor Debut Episode — 06/12/1955 2020-03-18
Fred Allen Jokes About Jack Benny on St. Patrick's Day—03/17/1937 2020-03-17
Gunsmoke Director Norman Macdonnell On How Executive Committees Hurt Radio in the 1950s 2020-03-16
Director Jack Johnstone On The Johnny Dollar Recording Process 2020-03-14
Mel Brooks Tells Johnny Carson About a Prank He Pulled on General Sarnoff, Head of RCA/NBC 2020-03-13
Harry Bartell On Being the Announcer for Mutual's Sherlock Holmes 2020-03-12
Director William N. Robson Explains How War SFX Were Achieved On Radio During the 1940s 2020-03-11
The Story Behind The Birth Of Frontier Gentleman 2020-03-10
Gracie Allen Marches in the St. Patrick's Day Parade—03/17/1941 2020-03-09
Frontier Gentleman: JB Kendall Speaks with an Outlaw On Death Row 2020-03-08
Director Jack Johnstone On Marilyn Monroe Being a Bad Actress 2020-03-06
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: Gerald Mohr Auditions As Dollar—08/29/1955 2020-03-04
What Was On CBS Radio—02/02/1958 2020-02-29
CBS Western Shows Afternoon Program Bumpers—2/23/1958 2020-02-29

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