Breaking Walls: The Podcast on the History of American Dramatic Radio.


Title Date published
How Frank Sinatra Got the Role of Maggio in From Here to Eternity 2018-11-04
Mary Livingston Red Cross PSA & Lucky Strike Commercial — Jack Benny Program 12/2/1945 2018-11-03
When Jack Benny Got Robbed—10/28/1945 2018-11-02
How Frank Sinatra Broke Free From Tommy Dorsey in 1942 2018-11-02
BW - EP85: From Hoboken to Eternity—Frank Sinatra's Radio Career (1935 - 1955) 2018-10-31
Sammy Davis Jr. On His Friendship with Frank Sinatra and Being Jealous 2018-10-28
Frank Sinatra's Appearance on the Bing Crosby Show Three Days After Winning An Oscar—03/28/1954 2018-10-26
Nancy Sinatra on Her Relationship with Ava Gardner 2018-10-24
Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart, and Lauren Bacall on Command Performance—08/30/1945 2018-10-23
Vincent Price Tells a Funny Story About Jack Benny and Ronald Colman 2018-10-22
The Story Behind Orson Welles' Prolific 1937 That Led to the War of the Worlds 2018-10-20
Frank Sinatra Remembers A Concert Where Screaming Girls Scared His Grandfather To Death 2018-10-19
Songstress Jo Stafford On Mitch Miller's Bad Material Selection Capabilities 2018-10-17
Frank Sinatra on The Jack Benny Program 10/08/1944 2018-10-16
Frank Sinatra Tells a Hilarious Story About Don Rickles Embarrassing Him at a Restaurant 2018-10-13
Andre Baruch On The Sponsor's Tight Control of Your Hit Parade 2018-10-12
Rudy Vallée Explains The Importance of Being Different—How He Started Out 2018-10-10
Frank Sinatra Remembers Visiting a Heroin Dry Out Clinic To Prepare for The Man With The Golden Arm 2018-10-07
The Story Behind Bill Spier's Exit From Suspense 2018-10-06
Orson Welles Reflects on War Of The Worlds—Admits He Scared People On Purpose 2018-10-05

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