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Title Date published
#ICYMI - Planet NASCAR, with Neil deGrasse Tyson (Repeat) 2018-08-23
Exploring Earth’s Oceans with Sylvia Earle and Fabien Cousteau 2018-08-17
#ICYMI - Physics on Wheels, with Dr. Skateboard & Othello Clark (Repeat) 2018-08-16
Katy Perry’s Cosmic Curiosity 2018-08-10
#ICYMI - Surf’s Up – The Big Waves (Repeat) 2018-08-09
Inside DARPA: Sci-Fi Meets National Defense 2018-08-03
#ICYMI - The Electrifying World of Formula E 2018-08-03
Cosmic Queries – Our Galaxy and Beyond 2018-07-27
#ICYMI - The Physics of the Tour de France (Repeat) 2018-07-26
The State of Space Exploration Now, with Bill Nye 2018-07-20
#ICYMI - Swimming Science and USRPT 2018-07-19
The Geekiverse, with Kevin Smith 2018-07-13
#ICYMI - Rugby – Physics and Grit, with Todd Clever 2018-07-12
Extended Classic – Cosmic Queries: Primatology 2018-07-06
#ICYMI - MLB Greatness and Trout 5 Design, with Mike Trout 2018-07-05
STR at BAM – Science Is Everywhere (Part 2) 2018-06-29
#ICYMI - Cosmic Queries: FIFA World Cup Edition 2018-06-28
StarTalk at BAM – Science is Everywhere (Part 1) 2018-06-22
#ICYMI - Hole-istic Golf, with Craig Davies and Sean Foley 2018-06-22
Extended Classic – Cosmic Queries: A Powerful Potpourri 2018-06-15

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